You Got Your Back to the Future in My Doctor Who


Why, yes, indeed, that is Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, getting out of Marty McFly’s DeLorean, or at least a close approximation thereof (one notes the lack of a flux capacitor).

Matt Smith and a DeLorean by Jill Pantozzi at

Jill Pantozzi at captured this shot (and more!) of the cast alighting from DeLoreans at the recent premier of Season Seven of Doctor Who (well, actually, Season Thirty-three if you’re counting properly, Season Thirty-four if you count the Eighth Doctor’s TV movie, which may or may not be proper). Season Seven kicks off today in the UK and in the US.

This mash-up of Doctor Who with Back to the Future comes not too long after Matt Smith was spotted with an Omnitool from Mass Effect strapped to his wrist at San Diego Comic Con this summer. The Doctor certainly gets around, no matter what style time machine he uses.

(Image courtesy of and © Jill Pantozzi via

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