Crush, Crumble, Pay: Monsterpocalypse

Children of a certain age (mostly in their thirties and forties now) fondly remember UHF marathons of Godzilla movies and the classic Epyx movie monster computer game, Crush, Crumble, and Chomp. Back then, audiences didn’t care why Rodan and MechaGodzilla had teamed up against Mothra and the big green guy himself, so long as the kaiju smashed lots of buildings and beat each other up for most of the movie. You smiled, you ate your popcorn, and you cheered every time a monster got picked up and thrown into a skyskraper. Life was pretty darn good.

The real monster is the zoning board that put a nuclear power plant next to an apartment building.

The new collectible miniatures game from Privateer Press, Monsterpocalypse, seeks to revisit those simpler days of movie monsters, bringing wonderously wanton destruction to the gaming table with a variety of pre-painted and pre-assembled monster miniatures.

I took Monsterpocalypse out for a spin with two gaming buddies recently. We purchased three of the starter kits and set out to see if Monsterpocalypse measured up to the glory days of movie monsters.

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