VideoGameGeek Needs You!


VideoGameGeek at http://videogamegeek.comThe minds behind the super-comprehensive boardgaming site BoardGameGeek (and the sister site, RPGGeek), recently unveiled their latest catalog/database/comment/ranking/forum site, VideoGameGeek, focusing on, well, all things Video Game, from Pong consoles to virtualized versions of Pong in a browser and everything in-between. And they could use your help.

The site, like its siblings, relies on users to contribute descriptions, images, and other information about various games, building up a database on games new and old. There are plenty of other sites, some well established, that perform similar database functions for video games, but the Geek guys have demonstrated their ability to develop and nurture a fairly mature, intelligent audience, and one hopes that VideoGameGeek will provide a good forum for both preserving video game history and engaging with the many video games of the present.

They could use some help in populating the database, so head over to VideoGameGeek, if for no other reason than to refute my claim that Marathon is one of the finest games ever made.

Not that you would disagree with me, of course, because Marathon is, without doubt, one of the finest games ever made.

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