Blue Box in Bricks: Official Doctor Who Lego Set Announced

Not even the Celestial Toymaker could have captured the Doctor like this! LEGO has announced the production of an official Doctor Who set, via their fan-created LEGO Ideas brand.

Image of set concept art via

The existing Character Building Doctor Who range is rather nice—several of their Doctor figures and their TARDIS stand guard at the base of my monitor—and I hope they will continue to be produced as well, but there’s something about LEGO that speaks quite directly to the nostalgic part of the brain. These will sell quite well, I imagine (and indeed, a glance at the prior LEGO Ideas productions shows almost all of them to be sold out).

From the look of the fan-created concept art above, the focus seems (as ever these days) to be on new-Who with a cursory nod to Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor. I will, of course, gleefully snap up whatever set Doctor Who sets LEGO produces, but I hope that demand for earlier Doctors and companions is sufficiently strong that we eventually get the entire cast.

LEGO William Hartnell and LEGO Maureen O’Brien, anyone?

(Image via LEGO Ideas)

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