Letter from a Time Traveller: Royal Mail to Issue Doctor Who Stamps

Image of First Doctor Stamp via Royal MailThough it might be a poor use of a time machine, if given the keys to the TARDIS, I think I’d jump to March, 2013, to grab the Royal Mail’s planned Doctor Who stamps. As reported by the BBC, each of the eleven Doctors will receive a first class stamp, with various enemies on second class stamps. There’s also to be a first class stamp of the TARDIS itself.

The backgrounds for the stamps of the eleven Doctors draw from the opening titles sequences of their respective seasons and utilize the contemporaneous Doctor Who logo as well. As is typical, William Hartnell comes out looking classy as ever. (Poor Sylvester McCoy—that background does him few favors).

I’ll definitely be picking up a few sets of these when they arrive, though I do confess to a bit of curmudgeonly disappointment that the second class enemies are all drawn from the new series. Ood and Weeping Angels before the Ice Warriors and Daemons?

(Image via Royal Mail)

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